The state of online journalism for independent companies

newsIn today’s world, people can get their news in a variety of ways ( newspapers, television, web sites, blog sites, social media, radio). Aspiring journalists, however, should know the state of web journalism as this means of receiving the news is becoming increasingly popular in today’s digital age.

According to, independent web companies are struggling financially. Independent news sites are typically found in larger cities and focus on issues that affect those cities. Many of these sites have established unions to ensure better working conditions and compensation under which journalists can live. Independent blog-type journalism must compete with larger corporations to prevent workers from being laid off.

The Huffington Post has shut down its blogger network of up to 10,000 contributors. Buzzfeed, Mashable, and Gawker are all struggling as well.

As a result of layoffs and downsizing, future journalists, including those who work at mainstream news organizations, have less profitable opportunities. However, as noted in the article, independent journalists and news organizations can still be successful. Independent journalists must find ways to be financially self-sustaining.

Journalists have opportunities to pursue their passions but they may not be able to make a good pay from it. Journalists must know how to seize opportunities with successful corporations. They must always be aware of the business side of journalism, including the entrepreneurial aspect of independent journalism.

Trevor and Morgan’s presentation on independent news media not only sheds light on the financial difficulties that independent news organizations face but it also points out that aspiring journalists may also find that it is difficult to get a job with a major newspaper.

Ethan Zutterman, an MIT professor and media analyst, claims in his book that in the age of the Internet, more people tend to rely less on professional writers for news and information. The Internet has paved the way for a wider selection of news stories, blogs, and opinion pieces.

Although the field of journalism may seem discouraging to aspiring news writers due to layoffs, downsizing, and very low wages, the good news is that journalists can be successful if they pursue what they are passionate about while continuously being conscious of the business aspect of the field. Individuals who pursue journalism should consider things like advertisements, which are a source of revenue as well.

Web journalism continues to grow, with an ever expanding array of opportunities for those that are committed to writing, reporting, and seeking information.


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