Journalists can Benefit from a Variety of Apps and Tools

Last Wednesday, February 14, two students presented information about various apps that journalists can utilize to allow them to record information quickly and efficiently. The information was gathered from an article by Val Hoeppner, a digital journalist with over 20 years of experience in photojournalism and multimedia design.

The students who presented discussed some apps which were probably familiar to students such as WordPress, Google Drive, and Layout (which is probably familiar to those who use the Instagram app). They also discussed apps that are probably not as well known such as Evernote, a note-taking app that is accessible on all platforms and devices, and Audionote, an app that records audio while an individual types notes and syncs that audio with the notes.

Note taking apps

The presentation included video editing apps, audio recording apps. photography editing apps, note-taking apps, and social media-related apps. Most of the apps discussed in this presentation are new to me as I have never used them before. However, I believe that many of the apps discussed could be very useful to journalists, who must store and organize a plethora of information.

The only apps in the presentation that I have familiarity with are Google Drive, Layout and WordPress. I have used Google Drive and it is convenient not only because of its accessibility on various mobile devices but also due to its storage capacity and ability to save information automatically. Google Docs, a component of Google Drive, is similar to Microsoft Word documents and allows users to share documents. I assume that many students are familiar with Google Drive as they probably have their own Gmail accounts.

Layout, an Instagram app, allows users to create collages and combine photos into grids. It would be useful for journalists who want to organize related photos for a story in a single place. Photos could also be combined in a story.

WordPress, the site which I am currently using, is another useful tool for journalists as it enables them to write blogs. This site has several advantages. First, posts are automatically saved, enabling users to not have to worry about losing unfinished work. Secondly, it enables users to publish blogs directly to the web. The site is also useful in that it can organize posts according to multiple categories.

Although I have never used the other apps described in the presentation, I believe that many of the apps listed in this presentation are extremely useful to the field of journalism. Evernote, for instance, is an effective way for journalists to organize notes; it is synced to all Internet-connected devices and therefore could be used in a variety of settings. Journalists can utilize it as a quick means of taking notes when a lot of information must be recorded and organized.

Audionote, another app mentioned in the presentation, is useful for meetings and conferences and allows audio and notes to correspond with each other. Journalists could obtain good quotes by using this app.



Photo editing apps, such as VSCO and Filterstorm, allow photos to gain better focus and exposure before being shared to other sources such as social media or email.

Overall, the presentation introduced me to a variety of apps that could be very useful to my future career. I otherwise would not have known about these apps. I believe that the future of online journalism depends on apps and tools like the ones described in this presentation.





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